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TechBridgeWorld is dedicated to improving people's lives by enhancing and sharing advances in technology to promote sustainable development throughout the globe. Our vision is to create and foster an environment where Carnegie Mellon faculty, students, and staff, together with partners from around the world, share expertise to cooperatively realize a community's vision of development. We encourage locally suitable and sustainable technology by adhering to each community's vision of progress, thus preserving their ownership of the benefits and consequences of the realized vision.

We envision a world where:

  • Global sharing of technological innovation and related knowledge is a common practice
  • Students and professionals enable culturally sensitive technology development
  • Creative technology solutions address problems affecting developing communities
  • Technology no longer exacerbates divides, but instead diminishes social divides
  • Advanced technology is accessible and relevant to all
  • The frontiers of technological innovation are advanced by the diversity of the creators of this technology
  • Cultural awareness, respect, and tolerance across borders is enhanced by shared technology
  • The lives of future generations around the world are enriched through the appropriate use of technology


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