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Current Volunteers

Jay Aronson

Jay Aronson is Associate Professor of Science, Technology, and Society at Carnegie Mellon University. His research and teaching focus is on the interactions of science, technology, law, and human rights in a variety of contexts. He is currently engaged in a long-term study of the ethical, political, and social dimensions of post-conflict and post-disaster identification of the missing and disappeared. This work is funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Jay is also part of a project that seeks to improve the quality of civilian casualty recording and estimation in times of conflict. He is the founder and director of the Center for Human Rights Science at Carnegie Mellon. Jay’s previous research focused on the development and use of forensic DNA identification in the American criminal justice system. He received his Ph.D. in History of Science and Technology from the University of Minnesota and was both a pre- and post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Brett Browning

Brett Browning is a faculty member in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science. He has research experience in robot autonomy and control, vision-based perception, multi-robot coordination, and mixed-initiative teams. In particular, Dr. Browning has long contributed to RoboCup robot soccer, an international initiative aimed at advancing robotics research via a standard domain that involves researchers from all over the world. His interest in TechBridgeWorld stems from his belief that human society progresses and benefits from the creativity of individuals. While creative people are born to all nationalities, in this digitally connected age, the access and availability of technology has a profound impact on realizing one's creative potential. Dr. Browning is attracted to TechBridgeWorld as it offers a unique and potentially profound framework to help overcome these barriers of entry.
David Kosbie

David Kosbie is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. In that role, he has taught over two thousand students, mostly focusing on freshman-level programming courses, though more recently adding a new web apps course to the CMU curriculum. And in those courses, time and again he saw students striving to make an immediate, meaningful impact on the world. Motivated by this, along with TechBridgeWorld Founder and Director M. Bernardine Dias, he co-created 15-239 Software Development for Social Good. Outside of CMU, David spends his time with his lovely wife, two teenage boys, and faithful shoe-eating dog.

Tuan Le

Tuan Anh Le is an undergraduate student at Carnegie Institute of Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. He is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and looking to minor in Computer Science. He has an interest in algorithms, computer systems, embedded systems, computer architecture, and artificial intelligence. Outside of academic work, he enjoys traveling, exploration, building model rockets, and developing games for the Game Creation Society club. Tuan is volunteering his time to develop a game for TechBridgeWorld's TechCaFE project.

Silvia Pessoa

Silvia Pessoa is an Assistant Teaching Professor of English and Sociolinguistics at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. Her research areas include literacy, academic writing development, and immigration studies. She has investigated the socio-cultural factors influencing literacy development in various settings and with various populations including immigrant adolescents in the U.S., college students in the U.S. and in Qatar, and migrant workers in Qatar. Her work with migrant populations also examines their living and working conditions in order to make recommendations to improve the status of migrants around the world. Dr. Pessoa has been involved with TechBridgeWorld for four years, offering guidance and support for students involved in literacy projects. Most recently Dr. Pessoa is actively involved in TechBridgeWorld's TechCaFe project developing tools for teaching and practicing English literacy. Dr. Pessoa is a firm believer in service and always finds ways to combine her teaching and research with experiences that can make a difference in the world.

Allen Schoyer Allen Schoyer is currently attending Mount Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh, PA. His interests include math and science. Outside of school, he enjoys playing in the Mount Lebanon Percussion Ensemble and is an active member of Boy Scouts. He is very excited to be joining TechBridgeWorld's TechCaFe project this summer.

Aaron Steinfeld

Aaron Steinfeld, is a volunteer as a faculty advisor for student projects, especially on Internal Review Board issues. He is a faculty member in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and a member of the Quality of Life Technologies Engineering Research Center and the Co-Director of the RERC on Accessible Public Transportation. Dr. Steinfeld advised the BlindAid student project and serves as a resource for experiments involving human subjects and human-robot interaction. His research activities center on design and evaluation of operator assistance technologies, especially in real-time scenarios. His projects include intelligent transportation systems, evaluation of human-in-the-loop machine learning software, mobile robotics, and assistance systems for people with disabilities. Dr. Steinfeld likes TechBridgeWorld due to the fact that student activities promote deep understanding of end-user needs and requirements. This teaches students how to apply technologies to make a real difference in society.

Lynn Urbina

Lynn Urbina is a currently an undergraduate at the Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). She is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree, and is looking to have a profession in Robotics. During her free time, she is part of the Society of Hispanic Engineers at Pitt and also draws digital art. Lynn is volunteering on TechBridgeWorld's Assistive Robots for Blind Travelers project.

Past Volunteers

TechBridgeWorld is grateful for the support of the following past volunteers who have been involved with courses, projects, student mentoring, events, and fundraising.

Ameer Abdulsalam
Rotimi Abimbola
Hatem Alismail
Samreen Anjum
Brenna Argall
Varun Arora
Sid Arora
Tejasvi Ashok
Tracy Baton
Andrey Belousov
Rishav Bhowmick
Mercedes Biggs
Jimmy Bourne
Ashley Brito
Jim Buscaglio
Linda Cai
Karl Cesar
Karen Chen
April Conkey
Christine Costello
Keyla Cook
Margeaux Cronce
David Dausey
M. Freddie Dias
M. Beatrice Dias
Debadeepta Dey
Joe Djugash
Felix Duvallet
Tubtim Eawchoowongse
Ben Eckart
Kelechi Edozie-Anyadiegwu
Amal El-Ghazaly
Haakon Faste
Imran Fanaswala
Ariadna Font-Llitjos
Daniel Freeman
Hend Gedawy
Wael Ghazzawi
Michele Gittleman
Elise Gonzales
Juan Pablo Gonzalez
Akila Gothandaraman
Sarah Gottfried
Anna Greenstone

Brad Hall
Larry Han
Jonathan Harbuck
Khaled Harras
Erik Helin
Alex Hills
Jen Horwitz
Diana Hu
Soyeon Hwang
Sezal Jain
Karumuna Kaijage
Nidhi Kalra
Matt Kam
KG Karthikeyan
Anna Kasunic
Ayorkor Korsah
Joe Korsah
Nisarg Kothari
Keghani Kouzoujian
Sheena Krug
Rajit Kumar
Tom Lauwers
Mike Lee
Jenny Lee
Peng Li
Jackie Libby
Susan Lin
Sara Mackenzie
Brian Manalastas
Victor Marmol
Chloe Mattingly
Joe Mertz
Lynnetta Miller
Kimm Mills
Sanae Minick
Laila Murad
Meghan Nahass
Priya Narasimhan
Anu Narayanan
ThuyLinh Nguyen
Ligia Nistor
Sorael Elias Nnko
Stephen Nuske

Grace Ogunyemi
Nate Otten
Nirav Patel
Lucy Pei
Vanlal Peka
Allyce Pinchback
Roberto Ponce Lopez
Kaleem Rahman
Saquib Razak
Matt Richards
Roni Rosenfeld
Saurabh Sanghvi
Kristen Severson
Lavanya Shaji
Edwin Shao
Narges SharifRazavian
Jahanzeb Sherwani
Geeta Shroff
Aysha Siddique
Amanbir Singh
Srinath Sinha
Tom Stepleton
Apaorn Suveepattananont
Wennie Tabib
Jessica Thurston
Hanae Timoulali
Rahul Tongia
Abhinav Valada
Martin Van Velsen
Anthony Velazquez
Karen Widmaier
Chris Williams
Wen Wu
Ling Xu
Sai Ram Yamanoor
Evelyn Yarzebinski
Shinjae Yoo
Marc Zinck


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